Tuesday, 10 January 2012

All quiet on the western (midlands) front, until now.

Bonsoir mon amis.

Well, the blog we intended to keep updated regularly hasn't exactly stayed updated, apologies all round, but we intend to turn it around.

So whats happened since the last time anything was posted up on this dusty shelf I hear you say. The Watchfires events have been a successful venture so far with many people commenting on how good each event is which is incredibly encouraging. We've had; Tim Fletcher, Mitch & Murray, Spotlight Kid, God Damn, Arc Vel, Stuart Garry, ThisIsSinister and Swim Deep. Every one has been fantastic and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for taking part and to everyone who has come and supported all the bands and us, It means alot.

Apart from putting on Watchfires, last year we were initially pro-active, in regards to recording, then became lazy. We have recorded an EP but we are not overly keen on its quality as we went down the DIY route and we're not exactly Quincy Jones. Not even a little. Enter our friend Chris Donald of Fiction Fight fame. He's wanted to work with us for a while but we've never really got the ball rolling. Chris came to Watchfires last month and we got round to discussing recording. Working with Chris is extremely exciting as he produced Fiction Fight's latest album "I Am a Theif", which has stunning production quality and I couldn't recommend it highly enough. It can be purchased for whatever price you would like here: http://fictionfight.bandcamp.com/album/i-am-a-thief

We sat down together coming to the conclusion that we would take a week out and power out 9 songs for an album to be produced by Chris. This seems like normal activity for a band but as you know we're not overly normal..

My auntie lives in the tiny Worcestershire village of Dormston in a medieval farmhouse and when they moved there they became the custodian of the local church's key. The church is also medieval and had a massive restoration effort put into it in the 1930's. The location is idyllic
and the structure is fascinating.

Recording in churches is not a new idea, many bands have recorded pieces in churches or cathedrals because of the natural reverb. We use lots of digital reverb so why not go for the natural equivalent? I pitched the idea of recording in Dormston church a few years ago but we had neither the material or the means to do so and now we have it's all systems go.

The Dormston church committee have approved us to use the the church for a week so we are gearing up for working our arses off for a week so we can finally give you an album that we are proud to release.

We'll keep you posted and hopefully soon have something to give you.

Au revoir les enfants

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