Monday, 18 June 2012

Short, sweet and informative. Possibly, maybe, probably.

Hola, just a little one this time. Keep it clean.

Greetings friends. I will open this post by saying I began writing this whilst hungover as I had watched the football in a pub just like a real man and I learnt some of the England players’ names. Just when I thought being a Eunuch was they way forward for me. No more!

I’ll shut my fan boy pie hole.

Trust me, music is coming your way! First we have to get through all the logistical gonk that goes with releasing an album, which is getting done and everything is coming together nicely. If you’re interested August 6th looks to be the drop date. Excited? Please be.

We filmed a music video for ‘Little Spoken Wars’ in St Nicolas’ church last week, which was fun if not a little soul destroying. We had to play the song about 25 times and I think I hate it now. Still, we await the result and look forward to sharing it with you.

I am told the artwork is imminent as well. I cant wait for that. I love album artwork, I think it’s just as powerful as the music behind it. For example just flicking through my CD collection the first one that instantly grabs my attention is Ágætis Byrjun, the second album by Sigur Rós. It depicts a fetus surrounded by a glow in nothing more than a dark blue, it’s so simple yet so emotive. Ágætis byrjun literally translates to English as “a good beginning” and this linked with the image suggests that they wish to restart and grow into a band that will do great things (good foresight there), especially as they were/are incredibly scornful of their first album.

Something more complex such as The Sound Of Animals Fighting’s Tiger & The Duke re-release artwork conjures up the same surreal feelings as the music does and gives you a character to apply to the organized noise you’re witnessing.

That’s enough pretentious tosh from me.

July isn’t that far away and that means Watchfires, hoorah! Luckily we have a blinding line-up for you lovely folk (providing someone actually cares enough to be reading this). We have Spectres, a marvelous grimey shoegaze outfit from Bristol, so we would love for you to make them welcome to our city and they will no doubt blow everyone’s mind in the flapper. We also welcome Bad Apes from Wolverhampton, who can only be described as lunacy in music form. If you enjoyed God Damn when we had them on a few months back then these will definitely be right up your street. Youth Man, described as paranoid garage rock, fills me with some severe intrigue and will no doubt be something rather special. Finally we have the new project from Niall of Inca Hoots fame called We Used To Have Horses, what we are going to experience from this is one man battling instruments and loop pedals to create something beautiful, tell me that won’t be incredible. You cant.

Here is the event page on facebook, ay it:

All my love, or something.


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