Thursday, 20 September 2012

Space Music, Bog Roll, iLiKETRAiNS, Giants.

So I've just sat down with a couple of free hours and popped on the preview listening of the new Efterklang album, I'm in a good place. If you don't know about Efterklang then I prescribe an immediate dose of THIS VIDEO:

It's palliative effects are endless, in all the numerous times I've watched it i've yet to fail in smiling like an absolute lunatic at the pure joy of it all. I'm three songs in and I can already tell that Piramida is obscenely brilliant, it sounds like music recorded in the crevices and on the precipices of the earth and then produced in space.

In band related news, Watchfires WENT OFF last saturday, if you came then thank you, if you didn't then i'm sorry. Everyone was fantastic: Oh Stockholm!, Terrors and not least our lock-up partners and homies Prayers who stepped up to the plate for what was, i believe, their second gig (they smashed it).

For interested parties (you!) the next Watchfires is on the 10th of November, we've got some treats for you

HIGH FIELDS (Liverpool)


And thats just the start, we're awaiting confirmation from another bunch of bad hombres, we'll keep in touch. If you're rearing to reserve your spot drop an email to and we will reserve you a ticket for four English pounds, thats a saving of one pound on the door price! Thats the value of three tins of pop, a multipack of penguin biscuits or a six pack of one-ply toilet paper. Don't say we aren't good to you. If you reserve a ticket before the gig, you'll also get a free SOE poster which, incidentally, you could also use as toilet paper should an emergency arise.

In even more exciting news, we will be supporting iLiKETRAiNS on the 21st of October at the Hare & Hounds Kings Heath. If you were ever planning on coming to stare at our miserable faces at any point, make it this point, if only to witness the rare occasion of a smile on Will's face. We are ridiculously excited be playing this show with what has been one of our favourite bands for quite some time. If you want to reserve tickets you can use this link. We will also be selling tickets at a lower price, drop an e-mail to to get your thrift on and reserve one.

Well, this has been nice but I think thats about it i'm afraid. On Saturday we're playing a small acoustic set at the one of the stations along the Severn Valley Railway for their Autumn Steam Gala. Yeah, apparently it's autumn, shit. We'll be playing amongst a bunch of model steam trains, so we can stomp around and feel like vengeful ostracised giants. Anyway, we're looking forward to that. We will post photos.

T'ra a bit,

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