Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Another year older.

Good day gang.

It’s taken me nearly two days to do but I am now over an horrific hangover caused by the wonderful new years celebrations. Highlights of which are dancing on top of Chris’ guitar amp to ‘Welcome to Jamrock’ by Damian Marley, our mate Ginge falling through a fence panel, our other mate Harper hitting the deck mid skank, cock blocking Prayers guitarist George, kissing loved ones at midnight and Chris doling out drooly kisses all night. Anyway, welcome to 2013!

So, 2012 is done and dusted and what have we done with it? Well mainly, we recorded and released an album, which you can buy from We played a lot of gigs, had a lot of successful Watchfires nights and we began sifting through the heaps of ideas we had lying around and started to shape them into cogent music.

The highlight of the year was being given the chance to support one of our favourite bands. The gig we played with Leeds miserablists iLiKETRAiNS was one of the best moments in Sunrise history and will no doubt go down in folk lore or our wikipedia page that’s peppered with fake quotes and facts completely pulled out of the authors abhorrent arse. We don’t have a wikipedia page and if you intend to make one then ask us for whatever information you require and you’ll promptly be told to leave us alone, what have we ever done to you?

2012 was pretty good to us but what has 2013 got in store? We’re writing lots of new stuff and there’s a remix album on the horizon. Christmas brought an abrupt halt to demos but you’ll be pleased to hear we’ll be picking it back up ASAP.

This years gigs begin in style at The Flapper on the 5th with Watchfires. We’ve put together a post rock treat to start your year in good stead. Us, Post Descartes, Those Amongst Us Are Wolves and Arbor Lights will play you some music. Its going to be rather special and you should join us. Not in a weird neo-Christian cult kind of way but a grimy gig in a venue by the canal kind of way. Here’s the event page on facebook, look at it, love it and most of all, join it.

Here’s to humanities demise.

See you on Saturday


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